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By setting an intention for your mala, you are creating a constant reminder of your goal and purpose. Look deep into your heart, mind and body and reflect on the intentions you want to manifest. Each meditation with your mala will then strengthen the connection between you and your goal.

Some examples of intentions:

  • Reduce anxiety

  • To ground and center yourself

  • Create confidence and success

  • Boost creativity and communication

  • Bring peace and serenity to your life

  • Embrace a situation or life hurdle

  • To silence negativity

  • To devote time to yourself

  • Protection and guidance on your journey

  • To become more compassionate

  • To become more open to new opportunities

  • To become less angry

  • Etc.…


How to activate your intention:

  • When you have chosen a mala that calls to you or that aligns with your attributions, sit down with it in a quiet and calm space.

  • Hold your mala in the palm of your hand.

  • Envision your intention and pull the energy from your centre to surround your mala. You can say your intention aloud or you can simply visualize it.

  • Use your mala to embody your intentions and solidify your connection.

  • Meditate or wear your Mala!



The Mantra you choose will be a syllable, word or short phrase that reignites with you and aligns with your goals. Throughout your meditation practice, you will repeat this mantra over and over, with each repetition instilling your belief in the meaning of the word. Repeating a Mantra creates a rhythmic vibration throughout your body and can change your brain's way of viewing a situation, a goal, or even your outlook on life. Your Mantra can be anything from the sacred sound of “Om” to a phrase such as “my life is joyful”.


Other Examples can include:

  • The Sanskrit “So Hum,” or “I am.”

  • “I am calm”

  • “Kindness”

  • “Joy”

  • “I am present”

  • “I am not anxious”

  • “I am that I am”

  • Your mantra can be whatever you desire or need.

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