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Crystals and Minerals are highly sensitive to vibrations, external energies, and negativities. Malas absorb such things as the energy of the wearer, nearby people, situations, and settings. It is particularly receptive to negative energy which can lower your Crystal and Minerals vitality. This makes it is wise to cleanse and clear your Mala from time to time; energizing and revigorating the vibrations and benefits of the stones, and cleansing the negativity away.

A few ways you can do this is by:

  • Allowing it to rest in the moonlight to naturally recharge for a few hours. This is particularly effective during a full moon.

  • Surrounding it with some of your favourite gemstones to transfer their holistic energies and balance.

  • Use a Tibetan Singing Bowl, which produces a cleansing sound and vibration to energize your stones and minerals.

  • Smoke Cleansing your Mala by burning an intense, herb or wood and running your strand through the smoke. (Keeping care not to light your Mala aflame)

  • Intention Clearing your stone. This can be done by sitting with your Mala and closing your eyes. Imagine a bright, cleansing light surrounding your crystals and releasing any negative energy they may be holding onto.

  • etc..

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