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Sydney O'Brien Nomad Designs


Hi, I'm your resident artist and here's a little bit about my journey!

Many many moons ago, I thought about what I wanted to do with my life and what brought me happiness. Some may say I was chasing waterfalls-I chased many literal ones-but I know that I was creating the person I am today and living my truest life. I moved across the country, I went to school, I worked day jobs (and night jobs), I travelled, I went to school for another round, I moved again...and again, I took risks, I hiked mountains, I moved and I travelled some more. All the while, I was creating; creating furniture for my apartments, creating art pieces for family members and friends, creating album after album of photographs from my travels, creating tattoo designs for friends, creating a self-meditation practice and my own meditation tools, creating a sense of "home" wherever I went. Then it dawned on me that creating was what I was meant to do-so here I am, creating a little slice of peace to share with you! 

☼   Welcome to my Nomad Community you beautiful soul   ☼

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